The climate of Ghana is tropical, but temperatures vary with season and elevation; even though the variations in temperature both annually and daily are quite small. Average daily temperature is 30⁰C (86⁰F). The coolest time of year is between June and September when the main rainfall occurs, the minimum temperature at this time is around 23⁰C (73⁰C) and clear skies and lush growth to most of the country.

Climate Chart for AccraIn the northern part of Ghana two rainy seasons occur, from April through June and from September to November. Squalls occur in the north during March and April, followed by occasional rain until August and September, when the rainfall reaches its peak. Average temperatures range between 21°C and 32°C (70–90°F), with relative humidity between 50% and 80%. Rainfall ranges from 83 to 220 cm (33–87 in) a year.

The harmattan, a dry desert wind, blows from the north-east from December to March, lowering the humidity and causing hot days and cool nights in the north; the effect of this wind is felt in the south during January. In most areas, temperatures are highest in March and lowest in August.

In general the weather is warm and comparatively dry along southeast coast; hot and humid in southwest; hot and dry in north.