Public transportation is readily available in cities and along major inter-city routes, but it is often crowded and rarely air conditioned.

Travel around by Plane


Travel around by Trotro

Privately-operated trotro’s carrying 10-20 passengers are abundant in Accra and also provide connections to many cities. Government owned STC (State Transport Company) buses are also usually available between major cities.

Trotro and bus stops are generally not marked, so ask bystanders to direct you to the right place to board and what trotro hand signal to watch for.

Travel around Taxi

You can also negotiate to charter a taxi for daily or multi-day travel. Another option is rental cars – generally only available with a driver. With careful negotiating, these options can be reasonably priced and can save you the aggravation of finding your way. Drivers will find their own accommodations during multi-day travel.