Ghana has been listed among 36 countries to be visited by travellers in 2016. The list was compiled by a group of 35 experienced and well-travelled bloggers from around the world, who specialise in adventure travel, ecotourism, cultural travel and family travel.

Ghana continues to find a sustainable means of expanding and harnessing its tourism potential in order to attract local and foreign tourists alike.

In recent times, the country’s Tourism Ministry and its implementing agency, the Ghana Tourism Authority have continued to introduce and expand a wide array of tourism related programmes and activities in order to sustain interest and increase earnings within the sector.

A member of the group who usually writes about the country, Elin Reitehaug reiterates this by a short summary on the country’s tourism sector; ‘’you are invited’’ is the standard phrase uttered when Ghanaians start eating. As a traveler in Ghana, you are always invited. Hike Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana, or go bird watching on a canopy walk in the rainforest of Kakum National Park, the country’s first protected area. To spot elephants, visit Mole National Park.

In Bolgantaga you’ll discover the rich culture of the Frafra people, known for weaving the world-famous Bolga baskets. In Elmina and along Cape Coast you’ll find several castles and forts recognised by UNESCO. Enjoy the beaches, which are popular for locals during weekends and holidays, when families and young people come to swim and play. Learn to play drums from energetic musicians at the Art Centre in Accra, or attend cultural events such as festivals and traditional celebrations of birth, marriage and death.’

The list also comprised countries such as, Quebec, South Africa, India, Bolivia, Brazil, Botswana, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Greenland, Madagascar, Mauritius, Canada, South Africa, among others and was put together by Green Global Travel, an Ecotourism, Nature/Wildlife Conservation and Cultural Preservation Magazine.

SOURCE: Touristswatch